31 janeiro 2011


Clipboard02Joao_Castilho 300 dpi
January 27, 2011 – March 5, 2011
Opening reception: Thursday, January 27, 6 p.m.
Instituto Cervantes Gallery
31 W. Ohio St.
Chicago | Illinois | USA
Free & open to the public

Encubrimientos displays photographs and videos created by 10 young artists from various countries in Latin America. Reflecting the new trends in photography in this region, the artists’ work explores the changes happening in their environment and, at the same time, reveals the role that “image” plays in a dynamic, post-modern society,The exhibit’s title, Encubrimientos (Concealments), was chosen by curators Alejandro Castellote and Juan Antonio Molina as an antonym of Descubrimientos (Discoveries). It is a portrayal of contrasts: modern urbanism versus rural living, social comparisons and prejudices, changes in immigrants’ way of life, misery and surrealism in the same landscape, life and death.

As Alejandro Castellote says, the exhibit pays “attention to one of the most common themes in photography: appearances….those appearances that have to do with a society (ours) that repeatedly uses images to construct a representation of itself…to stage a particular identity that many times does not correspond with what is real. We live in a culture that protects itself from reality; maybe that is why, in this age of the image, appearances become a tool of social communication.”
Encubrimientos contains snapshots by two artists from Guatemala (Andrea Aragón and Andrés Asturias); two from Brazil (Joao Castilho and the group CIA de Foto); three from Argentina (Sebastiàn Friedman, Alejandro Lipszyc and Gerardo Repetto); and one from each of the following countries: Ecuador (María Teresa Ponce), Costa Rica (Cinthya Soto) and Mexico (Areli Vargas).